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Is the Curly Girl Method the right method for your curls?

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Developed by Lorraine Massey, the Curly Girl Method (CGM) is a technique or routine for enhancing and maintaining naturally curly hair. The method focuses on avoiding some common hair practices and ingredients and recommends products and techniques designed to nourish the curls.

We believe that the Curly Girl Method can provide very useful tips for people who are just starting out with caring for their curls. However, we also believe that your hair care needs are very individual and cannot be covered by a general technique. Additionally, formulas have improved so much over the years that some of the recommendations (especially ingredients to avoid) are no longer relevant. And finally, most importantly, this method focuses heavily on the curls and not equally as heavy on healthy hair and scalp function. This is important because we believe that the foundation of healthy hair, regardless of hair type, is a clean, healthy scalp.

The Curly Girl Method in Brief.

1. Cleansing:
o No sulfates: Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates as they can strip hair of its natural oils, causing dryness and frizz.
o Co-washing: Instead of shampoo, use a conditioner to wash your hair that gently cleanses the hair without removing moisture.

Our shampoos are carefully formulated for curly hair:

Ikemian Note 1 : An ingredient alone does not make a formula. Some shampoos with Sulfate-containing surfactants may be better at removing all build-up and dirt from the hair, and may be 'milder' in well-formulated shampoos than others formulated without Sulfates. We do not recommend using co-washing as your primary method of cleansing the scalp.

2. Conditioning:
o No silicones: Use conditioners that are free of non-water-soluble silicones, which can build up in the hair and must be removed with Sulfates.
o Deep Conditioning: Regular hair treatments to maintain moisture and improve hair health.

Ikemian Note 2 : Sebum is a sticky, waxy substance that is also insoluble in water. It can be a magnet for germs and dirt, which in turn can lead to scalp problems. The premise of avoiding certain ingredients just because we need Sulfates to remove them is not necessarily advisable or backed by science. There is no substitute for a clean scalp, so wash your head! However, we recommend a regular regimen to nourish and moisturise your curls and waves.

3. Styling:
o Leave-In Conditioner: Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair to define curls and add moisture.
o Gel or cream: Use a gel or cream specifically for curly hair to define curls and reduce frizz. Avoid products that contain drying alcohols.

Ikemian Note 3 : This is a recommended procedure. The products are easier to distribute on wet hair than on dry hair. Styling results are also better when the hair is styled wet. However, the hair should not be wet for too long!

Our curl creams, mousses and hair masks help to moisturise your curls. All Ikemian masks and curl creams contain many scalp-friendly ingredients that support optimal scalp health.

4. Drying:
o Air dry or diffuser: Allow hair to air dry or use a diffuser on a low heat setting to reduce frizz and maintain curl pattern.
o Avoid towels: Use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to dry your hair, as regular towels can cause frizz and hair breakage.

Ikemian Note 4: Hair should not be wet for too long. This study shows that air drying alone is just as damaging to hair as drying at high temperatures! It is recommended to use a hair dryer on medium heat and in circular motions from a distance of about 15 cm from the hair.
Towels: Regardless of the material of the towel, we believe that the common practice of rubbing hair together while drying is more responsible for frizz than the towel material itself. To dry hair, gently place hair on the towel and then press or pat the towel against your head until dry. Avoid rubbing.

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