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About us About Ikemian

In early 2014, a huge chunk of hair fell out from my little daughter’s head during routine styling – even though I was using high-end products. The patch on my girl’s head took 1 year to grow back. 
During that year, I tried countless haircare product lines, from drugstore to salon to department store brands, all with so many promises emblazoned on their labels.
None was able to make any positive impact on my daughter’s hair. Her hair was constantly dry and stringy, and I remained frustrated. 
After not being able to find a satisfactory product for my girl’s hair, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 
I poured my heart into researching hair and hair products during the subsequent months and years. I also quickly realised that the hair problems we were facing were not unique to my daughter but were shared across different hair types and people. The idea came to build a product line that would cover both coarse and fine hair types. 
The rest, as they say, is history. 


The Mission behind this line is simple: haircare derived from natural/organic ingredients, formulated conscientiously (no marketing jargon), that delivers results!